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Concreate Urban Art Festival is a festival focused on urban art that fills East Pasila district in Helsinki with street art and urban culture from July 31 to August 8 2020. 

Concreate brings together Finnish and international street artists and during the week they will do art all over East Pasila. The week culminates on Saturday 8th of August with a block party, where people can enjoy music, workshops, street food and flea markets. There is also other street art related program during the festival week.

Some of the international artist are invited to the festival from partner countries. There is also an open call for artists from Finland and artist living abroad. Apply by April 19 2020.

Open Call

Some of the artists are selected for the Concreate Urban Art Festival through an open call. The selected artists will be provided reasonable material costs, meals and accommodation if necessary. All artists (or groups of artists) participating in the festival will be paid a reward of 400€ (including tax and other expenses). In the case of international artists, the reward may also be used to cover travel expenses before the festival.

Since the festival is postponed from May to August we have a new open call! Send your application to by 19 April 2020. Include in your application a brief description of why you want to attend the festival, what type of art you would like to do at the festival, and what days you might be present. If you need accommodation (in an Airbnb apartment) please notify us about it.

In addition to streets, selected artists have an opportunity to display their art in an art exhibition held in Pasila Urban Art Center.

Send us five pictures of your artwork as attachments in your application e-mail. Also add links to your websites or social media accounts.

Artist selection will be made as soon as possible after the application deadline. About 10 artists will be selected. The selections emphasize artists living in Finland.


Concreate Urban Art Festival is held in Helsinki, all around the district of East Pasila which is just 5-minute train ride away from Helsinki Central Station.

East Pasila is known for its concrete architecture of the 1970s, which also provides a good setting for street art. Pasila’s reputation as a graffiti and street art area dates back to the 1980s, although the zero tolerance policy against street art and graffiti that existed between 1998 and 2008, destroyed much of the art in the area. In recent years, art has once again appeared to the walls of the district, when several Finnish and foreign street artists have transformed the area into the most diverse street art area in Finland.

In Pasila is also located the Pasila Urban Art Center, which is run by Helsinki Urban Art association. Public events of the festival are held in the Pasila Urban Art Center and in its vicinity.


Sat July 31 – Fri August 7 Making of art in Pasila

Sat August 8 Block party

On Saturday August 8 2020 Naapurituottajat brings a block party to Concreate Urban Art Festival. It’s located in a yard area of East Pasila and the program includes, for example, a flea market, food sales, various workshops, an oasis for a relaxing stay and, of course, live music. The event is free to the public and is well-suited for the whole family. Part of the event area is non-alcoholic so we provide a safe space for all participants.

The program will be released during the spring.


The Concreate Urban Art Festival is organized by Helsinki Urban Art Association in cooperation with Naapurituottajat-project by Kalliola Settlement, which is responsible for the block party on Saturday.

Helsinki Urban Art is an association specializing in urban art, which brings art to the urban space as part of people’s lives. Helsinki Urban Art makes art in many forms to revitalize urban areas in Helsinki, elsewhere in Finland and abroad. The association brings new ways to use urban space, creates a communal urban culture and seeks solutions to social problems through art and activism.

Naapurituottajat is an activity, where people who has past with drug usage are coached to be professionals in event production. Naapurituottajat learn about different aspects of event production, organize different cultural events with partners from Helsinki area and they will make a social impact on urban space and perceived security. Naapurituottajat is part of Kalliola-association that, as a social player, raises capital for a good life.

Other partners of Concreate are Pasilan Asukastalo, Kyvyt-project by Deaconess Foundation and All Day Agency.

Concreate is supported by Nordic Culture Point, The city of Helsinki, Acción Cultural Española, Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Helsinki and Embassy Of Italy.