Concreate Urban Art is an annual festival that takes place in different locations and introduces art into new urban areas. The first Concreate festival was held in 2020 in East Pasila district and in 2021 at the former logistic center Keran Hallit.

At the moment we don’t know yet when and where the next festival will take place.

Concreate Urban Art Festival is organized by Helsinki Urban Art Association. Helsinki Urban Art specializes in bringing art into public spaces as a part of the everyday life.  Helsinki Urban Art carries out various different art projects aiming at enriching and brightening urban spaces in Helsinki, other cities in Finland, and abroad. The objective of the organization is to find new ways of utilizing urban space, create communal urban culture, and find solutions to societal problems through art and activism.

Concreate 2021 is organized in collaboration with Keran Hallit and the City of Espoo. The event is also sponsored by STO Finexter Oy, Molotow, Powerlift Finland Oy, and Estonian Institute.