Check out the locations of the new art pieces of Concreate Urban Art Festival

Map of block party area on 8th of August


Concreate Urban Art Festival is held in Helsinki, all around the district of East Pasila which is just 5-minute train ride away from Helsinki Central Station.

East Pasila is known for its concrete architecture of the 1970s, which also provides a good setting for street art. Pasila’s reputation as a graffiti and street art area dates back to the 1980s, although the zero tolerance policy against street art and graffiti that existed between 1998 and 2008, destroyed much of the art in the area. In recent years, art has once again appeared to the walls of the district, when several Finnish and foreign street artists have transformed the area into the most diverse street art area in Finland.

In Pasila is also located the Pasila Urban Art Center, which is run by Helsinki Urban Art association. The block party of the festival on 8th of August will be held in the Pasila Urban Art Center and in its vicinity.