Concreate 2021


The Concreate Urban Art Festival, which focuses on urban art, has brought a group of more than 40 artists to Keran Hallit to work in April 2021. The artists selected through an open call worked during the two weeks and did create an ensemble of urban art in the area, which at the same time created a unique scenery for future event spaces. The art combination, which combines contemporary art, street art and graffiti, was made on the high walls of the halls as well as in the rooms of the former office space.

The open-door weeks were held for a month and a half until the end of May 2021. After that, the works could be admired in during the events held in spaces until the end of 2021. At the beginning of 2022, part of Keran Hallit went to demolition, taking some of the works with it. The rest of the works can still be seen for a couple more years in the hall of sports activities.

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